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Established in 1990, Thang Long Shoes JSC is one of the leading footwear providers in Vietnam. Originally a state-owned company, the company was privatized in 2005. 

·       Main products: sneakers, sports shoes, and sandals.

·       Main technology: cementing, injection and vulcanized

·       Completed service from sample development to production and shipping arrangement.

·       With 3 main factories, 3 partner factories including an outsole factory, and a full-serviced sample development center, Thang Long Shoes boasts large-scale production capabilities, reliably high-quality products, and a network of manufacturing facilities that meet international standards.

·       Audit reports and certificates including Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), BSCI, QIMA (GEOX), and BSCI 


1. Thang Long Shoes JSC Head Office

      ·      Address: No. 327, Group 45th, Hoang Van Thu Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi

·      200 employees

·      Main sample development center  



2.  Thai Binh Shoes Factory

·       Address: No.134 Hung Vuong road, Thai Binh City, Thái Bình province, VN.

·       10,000 sqm of land with 700 employees 

·       Main products: Injection, Vulcanized and Cementing shoes

·       Line number: 4 (2 vulcanized assembly line, 1 cementing assembly line, and one injection line)

·       Machinery: 18 cutting machines, 5 stitching lines, 4 assembly lines, 3 packing line and test machines for physical strengths such as tensile strength, flex and aging

·       Capacity: 150,000 pairs / month, with 70,000 pairs being injection shoes


3. Shun Zu (formerly Chi Linh) Shoes Factory

·       Address: Dai Bo Residence, Hoang Tan ward- Chi Linh town- Hai Duong.

·       48,000 sqm of land with 700 employees

·       Main products: Vulcanized shoes, cementing shoes and injection shoes

·       Line number: 4 cementing lines with 7 stitching lines

·       Machinery: 20 cutting machines, 7 stitching lines, 4 assembly lines, 4 packing lines and test machines for physical strengths such as tensile strength, flex and aging

·       Capacity: 210,000 pairs / month

4.          Xuan Ngoc Outsole Factory

·      Address: Industrial Clusters Cam Thuong, Ba Vi
District, Hanoi, Vietnam

·      8,000 sqm of land with 5,0000 sqm
of factory area with 100 employees 

·      Machinery: 8 rubber rolling machines, 6 outsole lines, 3 stock fitting lines, 2 EVA Phylon lines

·      Capacity: 600,000 pairs / month: 250,000 rubber pairs, 180,000 EVA phylon pairs, 80,000 IP pairs, 120,000 stock fitting pairs

·      Machinery: 8 rubber rolling machine 

·      Pioneer outsole factory in Vietnam
to stop burning coal in the manufacturing process to reduce C02

·      Recycle Claim Standard certified  

Audits & Certificates